The green island of Corfu

Corfu or kerkyra as the greek them self calls the island, is located between Greece and
Italy in the northern parts of the ionic sea.
The reason that Corfu is called the green island is its northerly placement in
the mediterranean.

This benefits the vegetation so the island is full of citrus trees, olive trees and pine forests.

Corfu has experienced many strong contradictions throughout history and this is evident in its
peculiar mixture of architecture and culture.
Corfu became part of Greece in 1864 but before that it was French, Russian,
Turkish and British.
With an area of ​​about half the Swedish island of Öland, it is not that big but there live about 105,000

If you want to discover the island it is recommended to rent your own car. It may be a bit
difficult to interpret signs and read maps but on the other hand you get an adventure and
very pleasing to the eye. With a little patience it resolves and you find the right one.
Do not miss Kassiopi in the north, Paleokastritsa on the west coast and a trip to the
highest mountain Pantokrator where you get a breathtakingly beautiful view from it
old nunnery lying on top.

The green island of Corfu with its beautiful beaches, its charming city and beautiful scenery
has attracted tourists since the 1940s and receives a large part of their income from
tourism, fishing and shipping.
The favorable climate also means that a lot of almonds, figs, citrus,
fruits and olives. Korfu's specialty is various products by Kumquat, which is one
less citrus fruit. The orange liqueur that you can see in almost every store
is from Kumquat.

The city of Corfu has been a member of UNESCO's cultural heritage since 2007.

A well-preserved medieval city built between two fortresses. 
There you can find attractions such as:
The old fortress
St. Spiridon Church
Archaeological Museum
Byzantine Museum of the Antivouniotissa Church
Corfu Reading Society
The new fortress 

In Corfu town there are many cozy restaurants and cafes. shopping Opportunities
there is plenty. A very nice city to stroll in.

Corfu town also has a large harbor where you can see everything from small fishing boats
large cruise ships.

From the harbor you can take a boat over to Albania on a day trip. If you do it that way
we recommend you take a trip to The Blue Eye. A great place upstairs
the mountains with the clearest water imaginable. It's called one
natural phenomenon and consists of a few square meters large source, about 50 m deep, there
the clear and drinkable water constantly bubbles up. It is a
tourist attraction.Well worth the visit if you enjoy beautiful nature.